Enlight App

Android UI App Design


The goal was to design a modern, functional, simple, but unique UI / UX Android design for the Enlight application.

The Solution

Several reconciliation sessions were held to present the project request, mission and vision.
Also, a comprehensive wireframe with a draft UI screen design is provided.
These were the inputs, on the basis of which the desired result was achieved during several examples and precise adjustment.

Users & Audience

Age 18-45, active people engaged in social interaction and group activities.
Journey (trip, travel, ride, way, route, path)
Together (friends, school/collegemates, familiy, sport clubs/groups)
New experiences (explore, fun, new horizons, challenges)
Reaching a goal (destination, arrival, achievement, success)
Memories (sharing, impressions, do again)

Roles & Responsibilities

I was the only point of contact and with whom they discussed and coordinated details, entrances and exits.
The project was done remotely, the clients are from Dallas, United States, while the project is a manager with whom I communicated from Croatia.
The course of communication, input and output was very satisfactory.
Certain delays were primarily on the part of the applicants due to the need to reconcile the requests during the interaction cycle.


The first phase of Enlight application design has been completed. The results were satisfactory and the work order is considered closed.
It was expected and left open for continued collaboration in the second phase of the design.