Ohmie Go

iOS UI/UX App Design


The goal was to design an iOS app for sharing electric cars. The app allows users to rent a variety of electric vehicles on request.

Screen 1) This screen provides information about the user’s reservation. It shows how much time is left before the car must be returned, how much time has passed, where to return the vehicle, the estimated cost of the reservation. There are also buttons to extend the reservation, and another button to complete the reservation.

Screen 2) This screen has controls for the car. There are keys to lock / unlock the car, open the trunk, open / close the charger door

Screen 3) This screen contains information about the condition of the car battery. Displays the percentage of battery charge, what is the remaining range (in kilometers) and some controls for the charger door (similar to those on the car steering wheel screen).

The Solution

The client submitted a wireframe with a color scheme. It was the input on which I designed the iOS app.

Roles & Responsibilities

I was the only point of contact and with whom they discussed and coordinated details, entrances and exits.
The communication was very satisfactory.
The project was done remotely.


The first design phase of the Ohmie GO application has been completed.
Cooperation is expected to continue in the second phase of the design.